Monday, May 20, 2013

2012 MLS Designated Player ROI Rankings

Using Dave Laidig's Weighted Castrol Index model and salaries released by the player's union we can try and quantify how many points each player is responsible for creating for their team and how much this contribution cost the team.  Below are the ROI rankings of MLS' one percent, the $500k salary club.


  1. Good list, not too many surprises although it continues to add to the enigma of whether Freddy Adu is worth anything.

    I should point out that there is at least one DP who did not make your list--Oscar Boniek Garcia of the Dynamo. He is an interesting case because his salary is rather low but the Dynamo had to pay a transfer fee and so he is considered a DP. I am confident that at his $100K salary he would be at the top of the chart, but it would be interesting where he ranked once his transfer fee were calculated in (although I'm not sure how you would count that fee--all for 2012, or spread out over more than one year).

    1. Yes, good catch. I considered including him but figure out exactly how I was going to amortize his transfer fee was an issue. Not all DP's are listed here. Specifically because of Garcia and a couple others I set a slightly higher cut-off of $500k.